Top Symptoms of Car Trouble


Top Symptoms of Car TroubleIf you drive a car built within the last two decades, it can be considered high tech. Obviously, the newer the car, the more techy it likely is. But even with all the onboard gadgets, sensors and computers, sometimes the easiest way to tell if there is a problem is by using your own senses. Should you encounter any of the following issues while driving it is critical that you visit an auto repair shop for proper diagnostics and service in order to maintain a safe and reliable ride.

Strange Noises

One of the most common symptoms of car trouble is odd sounds that occur as you drive. Some of the noises you may encounter if there is an issue are grinding noises while you brake, which indicate low brake pads or a ticking or knocking noise that rises and lowers with engine RPMs, which is a sign of bad engine bearings.

Weird Smells

If you ever catch a whiff of something abnormal while driving down the street you will want to let a mechanic check it out. Common odors of trouble include a dirty laundry smell, which can indicate mold in the heater vents, a maple syrup smell, which may be a coolant leak, or a burning paper smell, a common sign of a worn clutch plate.

Fluid Leaks

Nothing should ever be leaking from your car. If you spot any drips coming from the underside of your vehicle it is necessary to have them repaired. Your vehicle uses a number of fluids, including engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid and brake fluid, to operate. Any lack of these fluids can cause their particular system to fail.

Excessive Exhaust

If you notice high amounts of exhaust coming out of your tailpipe there is a good chance that your vehicle's engine is in need of service. The problem at hand can often be identified based on the color of the smoke. Blue smoke indicates burning oil, white smoke is a sign of coolant leaking into the combustion chamber, and black smoke means too much gas is being used.

Check Engine Light

To give credit to the car's own diagnostic abilities, it is important to remember that it will tell you about many problems you simply can't detect with your eyes, ears or nose. The check engine light can represent any number of problems, but most of them are relatively small (to start with). Always let a professional technician run diagnostics as soon as this light comes on.

Whatever issue clued you into car trouble, be sure to take care of it sooner, rather than later, as the problem will get worse. For professional auto repair in Vista head to Autotyme Automotive. Our crew of auto repair experts will figure out exactly what's wrong and have it fixed in no time, regardless of what sort of symptoms you're experiencing. Give us a call at (760) 298-5999 to request quality auto repair in Vista today.

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