Top Signs of Rodent Damage in a Car


Car problems aren't always caused by mechanical issues. In fact, you can take excellent care of your car and provide it with all the maintenance it needs, only to still run into driveability issues all because of a little pest. Rodents that turn your vehicle into their next are likely to cause a number of problems for your car that range from bad smells to a car that can no longer run. If you notice any of these issues be sure to get to an auto repair shop that specializes in mouse and rat damage auto repairs.

Gnawed Wires

The insulated coating used on wiring is very attractive to mice and other small mammals. They will chew right through the protective coat and then through the wires, which can cause all sorts of damage for a vehicle, including causing it to not run at all.

Clogged Air Vents

If you are having issues getting hot or cool air through your vents it could be due to a mouse nest clogging them. Rodents will often take other items, such as cotton from the interior, clothing, natural debris and otherwise, into the vents to make a home.

Shredded Upholstery

An obvious sign of a rodent infestation is if your car's seats are showing signs of bite and claw marks. Rodents will eat anything and use many types of materials to build nests, including your car's seats.


If you find droppings in your vehicle it's probable that rodents have made a home somewhere inside of it. The vehicle will need to be thoroughly cleaned and an auto repair technician should go over the car to locate the nest before bigger problems occur.

If you believe that your vehicle is suffering from a rodent infestation don't hesitate to visit an auto repair shop. At Autotyme Automotive we provide superior rodent related auto repair in Vista, CA. We've seen all sorts of situations with many different makes and models. At the first sign of a problem give us a call at (760) 298-5999 to schedule superior auto repair in Vista today.

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