Expert Toyota Prius Repair in Vista, California


Expert Toyota Prius Repair in Vista, CaliforniaSearching for a repair center to service your Toyota Prius can be a difficult task. While many people may feel inclined to return the dealership, you should know that there are independent repair shops that offer the same quality services at more affordable prices. At Autotyme Automotive we employ automotive technicians who are highly skilled at conducting Toyota hybrid repair and maintenance. We understand how important and valuable your investment into hybrid technology is, so let us assure you, we will treat your car as if it were are own.

Toyota Prius Repair

As a hybrid repair specialists, you can count on our team of technicians to take care of all the systems of your Prius. This means that we can service the systems of your car that arenít unique to hybrids, such as the brakes, suspension, lighting system, ignition, transmission, steering, AC and others. Of course, because we are a hybrid specialist, we handle all hybrid repairs as well. We will service your Priusí inverter, high voltage hybrid battery pack, combination meters and other parts and systems that are specific to hybrids.

Toyota Hybrid Maintenance

Aside from conducting necessary repairs to your hybridís unique and common parts, we perform routine hybrid maintenance as well, for both the internal combustion and electric side of things. You can count on Autotyme for everything from a routine oil change to battery replacements and other scheduled maintenance services required by all hybrid vehicles.

Common Toyota Prius Problems

With the Prius being more than 20 years old, it is no surprise that certain issues have become fairly common. If youíre purchasing a new to you Prius or currently own one, be on the lookout for these issues.

  • Inaccurate Fuel Gauge
  • Power Inverter Coolant Pump Loss
  • False Check Engine Light
  • Failure of Hybrid Transmission
  • Faulty Battery Cooling Fan
  • Hard Starting After Sitting
  • Premature Battery Failure
  • Fuel Tank Liner Corrosion
  • Center Display Failure
  • MAF Blockage
  • When it is time for Toyota Prius repair in Vista, Carlsbad, or the surrounding California communities be sure to contact Autotyme Automotive for dealership alternative service. Our hybrid repair specialists will have your Toyota or other hybrid running like new. Give us a call at (760) 298-5999 to schedule an appointment for quality hybrid repair in Vista today.

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