Auto Maintenance in Vista, CA

Auto Maintenance in Vista, CANo matter what sort of vehicle you drive it is going to require routine auto maintenance in order to remain in top notch shape. At Autotyme Automotive Inc. we regularly conduct factory maintenance for most Japanese and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as fleet vehicles. Be sure to keep up with the maintenance schedule that can be found in your owner's manual in order to reduce your chances of needing extensive auto repair, which may occur if you put off service. When your car is due for auto maintenance in Vista give us a call to schedule an appointment!

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Factory maintenance includes many services that help keep your vehicle running in prime condition. The services are generally conducted at certain mileage points and include 30/60/90K service. Scheduled maintenance may include changing lights, replacing the air filter and fuel filter, installing new spark plugs, servicing the battery, changing the wiper blades and conducting other inspections or tune up services. We can provide scheduled auto maintenance for nearly any Asian or domestic brand but specialize in the following.

  • Toyota Maintenance - Our technicians specialize in maintenance for Toyota family vehicles. Come see us for all of your Camry, 4Runner, Corolla, Tacoma or other Toyota maintenance needs.
  • Scion Maintenance - Scion, Toyota's brand aimed at the Millennial generation, includes the xB, tC, FR-S, iA and iM models. We provide factory service for all Scions.
  • Lexus Maintenance - Toyota's luxury vehicle brand has a solid reputation as being one of the finest auto manufacturers from Asia. Head to Tom's for all Lexus maintenance.

Oil Change in Vista

The most important service your vehicle will require is the oil change. Oil changes are necessary for most cars between every 3,000 and 5,000 miles in order to ensure that the motor is properly lubricated. This service helps regulate the engine temperature while ensuring that there is not unnecessary and potentially detrimental metal on metal contact amongst the moving parts of the engine.

Wheel Alignments

It's important that wheels and tires are aligned. If they aren't, you could be damaging your tires and affecting the vehicle's handling characteristics. If the suspension is out of alignment, there is uneven pressure on the tires that can cause your car to work harder on the tires than it needs to.

Benefits of Wheel Alignments:

  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduce Expensive Auto Repairs
  • Experience Smoother Driving
  • Improve vehicle safety
  • Increase the life of your tires

Fluid Flush Services

Vehicles utilize many different fluids aside from engine oil that help the vehicle's numerous systems operate. On occasion these fluids need to be drained and refilled. We can do these services for your vehicle, which include the brake fluid flush, cooling system flush, power steering flush and transmission fluid flush.

Be sure to keep tabs on your vehicle's maintenance schedule to ensure you stay on the road, not on the side of it awaiting a tow truck. Give Autotyme Automotive Inc. a call today at (760) 298-5999 to request an appointment for dealership alternative auto maintenance in Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad or the surrounding towns.

"Tom provided excellent service. I had him do my 60k mile service on my Lexus and feel very confident about the work he did. I'll be coming back."
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