Does My Car Need Suspension Repair?


Does My Car Need Suspension Repair?The suspension system plays a few key roles in the operation of your vehicle to keep your commute safe and comfy. Not only does suspension provide you with a comfortable ride by absorbing the bumps and cracks of the roadway, it also ensures that all four wheels stay on the ground at all times, which allows for adequate braking ability when needed. Furthermore, it is responsible for ensuring that your vehicle does not rollover while traveling around a corner. If you experience any of the following symptoms of suspension trouble, be sure to get in touch with your local auto mechanic as soon as possible.

Oily Struts

This symptom takes a bit of investigation, but if you think your vehicle's ride is getting a little stiff or a little bouncy, go ahead and rub your hands or a towel up and down the struts to see if you can notice an oily substance on them. This oil is imperative to the function of the struts, which is to absorb the uneven surface of the road. If the strut leaks oil the vehicle will begin to suffer from reduced ride comfort and poor vehicle control.

Rolling Sensation While Cornering

One of the more dangerous symptoms of trouble is if you get that gut-wrenching feeling that your vehicle is going to roll over as you go around a corner. This is generally caused by a problem with the vehicle's anti-sway bar, the part of the suspension tasked with shifting the vehicle's center of gravity to keep it upright on curves.

One Corner Seems Low

If it appears that one corner of the car is low but all of the tires appear to be properly inflated, it is likely that the struts have grown tired and collapsed on themselves. This problem will cause your vehicle to drift and can increase tire wear, meaning you should not delay having new suspension components installed.

Bounce Test

Another way to test your suspension if you suspect it is having some sort of trouble is by performing a bounce test. This involves pushing on the hood or trunk of your vehicle in order to get it to start bouncing up and down. Once you stop pushing on the vehicle is should return to its normal ride height within 3-4 bounces. If it bounces any more than that there is a good chance the springs or shocks could benefit from replacement.

You should never wait to take care of problems with the suspension system, as it is imperative to a safe and comfy ride. For professional suspension repair in Vista, CA, visit the team at Autotyme Automotive. Our crew of expert auto repair techs will ensure your vehicle is safe, comfy and reliable when it leaves our shop. Give us a call at (760) 298-5999 to request quality auto repair in Vista today.

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