5 Symptoms it is time for Radiator Repair


Within moments of turning on your vehicle's engine it begins to operate at extremely hot temperatures. If these temps were left unregulated the engine would quickly have a melt down, quite literally. When you're out and about behind the wheel keep your senses open for these serious signs of cooling system and radiator trouble to ensure you don't end up overheating on the side of the road with a heavy repair bill coming your way.

White Smoke

Perhaps one of the first things you will notice if you are having cooling system issues is white smoke coming from your vehicle. However, it may come from under the hood or in large puffy quantities from the tailpipe. If there is smoke coming out from under the hood be sure to pull over immediately and shut off your vehicle, as this is a positive sign your car is currently overheating. White smoke coming from the tailpipe can indicate an internal coolant leak that is allowing coolant to be burnt up in the engine and dismissed through the exhaust system. This will certainly lead to overheating, as your vehicle will no longer have the correct amount of radiator fluid to keep the car cool.

Rising Temperature Gauge

One of the most obvious signs of trouble is likely right in front of you when you're driving your car. The temperature gauge on the dash will rise to the red zone if the cooling system is unable to keep the engine temperature regulated.

Discoloration Under the Hood

A more subtle sign of trouble will come in the form of rust, or at least missing paint. If the radiator or a cooling system hose springs an external leak coolant will likely be sprayed on to the hot engine parts. The coolant will quickly boil off, taking any paint with it, allowing the spots to rust.

Low Coolant Levels

Every so often you should be conducting regular maintenance on your vehicle in your driveway to ensure everything is in good working order, this includes checking your coolant level. If you notice the coolant level is low it may be caused by a leak inside the engine, allowing for it to be burnt up and expelled, putting your car at risk of overheating. Be sure to perform this check when the car's engine is cold!

Visible Coolant Leak

If you spot a bright green, sweet smelling fluid collecting in your driveway or see it leaking from your vehicle then you definitely have a coolant leak. You'll want to head to the auto repair shop right away in order to prevent any further damage.

By paying attention to the signs of trouble you can prevent overheating, saving yourself from possibly having to conduct major engine repair. If you suspect you need cooling system or radiator repair in Vista head to Autotyme Automotive. For more than two decades we have been providing full service auto maintenance, specializing in Toyota, Scion and Lexus. However, we happily work on all makes and models! Give Autotyme a call at (760) 298-5999 to request an appointment for quality auto repair in Vista anytime your car or truck is giving you trouble.

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