Scheduled Maintenance

Importance of Scheduled Maintenance

Manufacturer recommended scheduled vehicle maintenance can be a difficult task to keep track of. At Autotyme we can perform the scheduled maintenance, you do not have to go to the dealers, Keep in mind that there can be serious repurcussions of not staying up to date on your car’s maintenance schedule.

The Basics
There are some basic items in or on your car that should be regularly checked or replaced.

Air filter
Engine oil
Oil filter
Power steering fluid
Shock absorbers
Transmission fluid
Washer fluid
Wiper blades

The first place you should check is the owners manual. You can also bring your car in for a thorough inspection to make sure you do not miss anything. We have records of what should be checked at certain time and mileage intervals. In addition, we know the histories of certain vehicle models and their problem areas.

Consequences of Delaying

When you get routine preventative maintenance you typically spend less money and time than on a breakdown. You set the time for your scheduled appointment. Your vehicle rarely picks a convenient time to break down. Sometimes a breakdown can affect other parts of your car.

Here are some examples of Dealer suggested Maintenance Schedules. These are examples. Your vehicle may or will be different.


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